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Isla's Space Story

… deep, dark space. Princess Foofy Pants was barking. Emma and Ben couldn't see her. 'We need a torch,' said Emma. 'We can use this star to light our way.'

Ben picked the biggest star. 'Just what we need.'

'Hee hee.'

'What was that?'

Princess Foofy Pants had made a friend. 'My name is Bong, please get your four-legged human off me, I'll all wet.'

Bong showed them his planet called Choccy Woccy Do Dah. 'Yummy,' said Ben and Emma.

'Slurp,' said Princess Foofy Pants.

In Bong's spaceship called the Vulcan, the planet Choccy Woccy Do Dah looked like a giant chocolate cookie.

'Oh no, it's the naughty monster, Wobbly Tongue, he wants to play, but it's time to go.'

'Bye-bye Bong, see you soon,' called Emma and Ben.

'Woof,' said Princess Foofy Pants.

What a strange day!

by Isla Longley (6)
Broadfield Primary Academy - Crawley

Competition - My First Story 2017

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