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Imogen's Magical Story

Through the door went Emma and Ben. They saw a magical fairy princess castle, it had ballrooms and a dining area with a massive kitchen, with three thrones in the corridor.

As they were walking by the rocks outside the castle they saw a fairy. They asked, 'Hello, why are you sitting on these rocks?'

She replied, 'I am the queen's daughter and I'm sad because I have no one to play with.'

They had finished talking to the princess so they carried on their journey to this unknown land when they stumbled across a snouted troll skipping along the path. They had a long conversation with him.

The snouted troll led them to the witch's gingerbread house where they found it was abandoned so they explored.

When they were exploring they found some party materials. They had a rummage through the perfect materials. They decided to throw a party for just the three of them.

The party had gone on for hours and hours. They found some wrapped up presents and shared them out. Everyone enjoyed their presents and the party carried on.

by Imogen Daly (6)
St Mary's Island Primary School - Kent

Competition - My First Story 2017

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