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Santa And The Greedy Witch

Once upon a time a beautiful girl called Emma lived with her parents, younger brother Ben and a dog called Biff in the north of England.

One snowy morning, they were waking their dog. Suddenly, Biff stopped near a tree and started to bark. Emma saw a magic door hidden in the tree. Ben opened the door.

The door took them to a path leading to an old castle. The castle was all dark and spooky. Its stone walls were covered with cobwebs. Bats were flying around the castle. They all entered the castle bravely, where Ben saw a very scary and ugly-looking witch sleeping in a room and a lazy fat cat was sitting on a dirty couch.

They all quickly ran out of the witch’s room and bumped into a big bubble. ‘It’s Santa stuck in the bubble, along with his presents,’ said Emma.

 ‘Look! He is trying to say something,’ said Ben.

‘But we can’t hear him,’ Emma replied.

Then Biff started barking at the cat, which followed them in the castle. This noise woke up the witch.

The scary witch became furious when she saw the children inside her castle and screamed with anger, ‘Go away children, leave my castle at once or I will turn you into a frog, lizard and your dog into a big rat.’

Ben and Emma got scared, but Emma asked bravely, ‘Why have you put Santa in a bubble with Christmas presents?’

‘Because I want to keep all of the presents and I don’t know what Christmas is,’ replied the greedy witch.

‘Christmas is a celebration when children get presents from Santa,’ Emma explained.

‘But I never got any presents from Santa,’ said the witch with a sad face. Emma replied that Santa only gives presents to the ones who are good to others.

Emma’s words touched the witch’s heart. She felt sorry and waved her wand in the air to pop the bubble and freed Santa.

 ‘I promise to be a good witch from now, can I have a present please?’ said the witch.

Santa gave her a beautiful present. The witch thanked Santa and let them go.

It was Christmas Eve. The snow was sparkling like diamonds under the moonlight. Ben and Emma heard Biff barking again. Emma saw Santa landing on the roof of their house near the chimney. They both ran inside and found their presents under the Christmas tree. Santa smiled at them and left saying, ‘Ho ho ho, merry Christmas… ’

by Zainah Ali (4)
Manchester High School For Girls - Manchester

Competition - My First Story 2017

Copyright remains with the author.