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Harming Me


Looking up through small gaps in my cage,
Workers working their daily wage
Harming me.
Pulled by my ears, legs, neck or whatever they hold first
Dragged by unashamed faces in a hearse
Like I'm dead not alive
Harming me.
What for? You may ask,
I'll inform you that your daily tasks
To be beautiful,
Harming me.
Black acid in my eyes for long lashes
Your blood red lipstick causes me long rashes
What for?
Harming me.
A child's shot is what they fear most
However, did you know it's one of my daily costs?
Needles full of poison not prevention.
Feeding this sick barbaric convention
Harming me.
How large is the body count?
We get no memorial mount
It's not my choice
Harming me.
I'm alone in the universe
With four universal daily truths:
Pain, chemicals, experimentation, repeat
Each day is another defeat.
Harming me.
It's been like this my entire life,
Here and now until I die
Do you ever know why?
Like a prisoner, like the beast
Like a freak, like the least
I am not
I am a living being
An experiment
You know why?
It's harming me.

by Charlotte Todd (14)
Highsted Grammar School, Kent

Competition - Busta Rhyme

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