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The Candy Peaks

I stepped upon the candy rocks,

The sugar sinking into my socks,

For adventure we were going to seek,

On the mountains called the Candy Peaks!


Up the mountain path we went,

It twisted and turned and zigzagged and bent,

When into our view came some beautiful things,

For these were flowers colourful and bright,

Ones you could chew and ones you could bite!


And then we began to slide and slip

And snacks were pressed onto my lip,

I sucked it a bit after thinking twice

And found it was extremely nice!


Suddenly we heard a a clatter of hooves

And the crunch, crunch of many horseshoes,

A pony, a horse, what could it be?

But most importantly, did it want to eat me?


It was a unicorn and I must say

I thought it came around to play,

Instead it thrust a hoof in my palm,

It was whinnying in pain so I kept it calm.


I found in its hoof something locked

And that it was a candy rock,

I gently tugged and pulled it out

And in relief it did shout!


It said thank you to me

And galloped around like a buzzing bee,

Its eyes were diamonds merry and bright,

It really was a magical sight!


It showed us around and let us eat,

The goodies on this enchanted peak,

But before long it was time to say adieu,

I thought the adventure exciting and new,

Soon stars were rising in the sky

And now approaching was the night…

by Shreeya Venkatesh (10)
The Ursuline Preparatory School - Essex

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.