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Beyond Your Dreams

As my hair blows into my face

I am flying through the air

As fast as lightning on a cotton wool cloud.

The sapphire sky above me

And the sun beaming with happiness,

My best friends next to me.

We couldn't be happier.


Sliding up and down the rainbows.

Flying, twisting and turning.

We are rockets, no one on the ocean, just us

Surfing on leaves and swimming,

Seeing all little fish.

Crash go the colossal waves.

The taste of the salty water.

What terrible chefs in the ocean, I think to myself.


The wind whistles to me,

I love the song of the ocean,

Walking on water,

Making bubbles in the air,

Seeing all the miniscule fish,

Royal blue water, crystal-clear,

Swimming on dolphins' backs,

Making water create a shape.


Fly back into the clouds,

Happy houses.


Now it's time,

Home sweet home.

by Leila Rose Sarshar (8)
Bonneville Primary School - London

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.