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I had a dream, I see salmon swimming up the waterfall,

The crystal stream flowing slowly, then faster,

Then it drops,

The mist below is like a smokescreen

Blinding the naked eye,

I could imagine the Mayans living here

And growing crops.


I hear a log falling down to the bottom

And making a splash,

I could hear salmon and a bear in the waterfall

Dashing to survive.


I smell drizzled honey in the water.

The salty water is like cereal with too much sugar.

The smell of the mist is as sweet as popcorn.


I feel the sapphire-like water flowing along the stream,

The rocks along the bottom of the seabed

Are as smooth as marbles.

by Stephen Green (10)
Owston Park Primary School - South Yorkshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.