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A Trip To Mars

I have landed! The first boy on Mars,

This planet is not as good as ours.

Mars is made out of red jelly,

Very yummy in my belly.

I met a green and blue dat,

A mixture of a dog and a cat.

He could talk and he did say,

'This sounds crazy but come this way,

Close by is a colossal town,

And it is called the King's Crown.

We pick our food straight off the trees,

Crisps and chocolate, burgers and peas.'

I lived with Dat for 51 years

And then I came back for the good of my ears.

To once again hear humans talk,

With gravity again I could finally walk.

When I came back the cars could fly!

They went underwater and floated by!

Everything had changed, the foods were new

I didn't like it, so all I could do,

Was leg it back to Mars!


You'll always be a stranger in a world that

Never quite understands you!

by Ben Elnor (9)
Barkston & Syston CE Primary School - Lincolnshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.