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A Dragon's Wrath

The mountains rose above me, the grass was jewelled with dew

The crimson-tinted sky was smudged with wisps of white clouds too

Three trees reached and stretched, their branches grew separate ways

Then out of nowhere boulders fell and broke the peaceful haze!

Quick as a flash they surrounded me and I stood there feeling trapped

One roar, one screech and I listened as beating wings flapped

Red scales, teeth, wings and claws began to cloud my vision

And after one second I shivered vigorously, my fear had surely risen!

Smoke and fire engulfed me, I choked on their harsh, bitter smell

My heart pounded faster, my blood began to swell

My eyes struggled to focus as I rasped with sheer shock

I made out one red figure, a dragon! Surely not?

The dragon leapt towards me, its speed as quick as a dart

Its sharp claws pierced my skin, then it lunged for my heart

I lay there in my dark-red blood, I lay as still as frost

I drew in one last breath and my life, I had lost.

by Tessie-Mai Jones (10)
Fulfen Primary School - West Midlands

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

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