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The False Wonderland

Once you've closed your tired eyes

And put your mind to rest

You seem to be taken somewhere

Somewhere that is best

You seem to have enclosed yourself

In a delightful wonderland

You look around at your surroundings

Until a fairy takes your hand

You feel a shock and tingle

As glitter swirls around

Beautiful wings appear on your back

Then you have been crowned

A majestic unicorn trots past

Slowing in its tracks

It gently turns to face you

Its tail swishing forth and back

One slowly trots towards you

And bows down to your feet

She gently lifts her head

Until your eyes meet

A special bond is what you feel

But you don't know why

An idea comes into your head

That you think you will try

You put your hand on the unicorn,

She twitches at your touch

Her starry eyes are glimmering

You see she doesn't want much

You mount your magic steed

And trot over to a lake

Beautiful doves circle around

A smile is what you make

All is fine and untrue

Until you hear beep-beep-beep-beep

Your every day alarm

Wakes you from your sleep

Your dream is what your mind did lose

Your wonderland has slipped away from you.

by Olivia Greensmith (10)
The Willows Primary School - Manchester

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.