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My Dreamworld

Birds swim and fish fly,

A terribly crazy scene.

I walk on the sky with anti-gravity boots,

In my upside-down dream.


Clocks tick backwards,

The sun has bright purple beams.

The sky is green and the grass is blue,

In my crazy, weird and wacky dream.


Happiness and excitement take over,

So anger flees away.

I feel so energetic and amazed,

In the dream that fills me with gay.


The houses creak and the wind howls,

And the wolves growl like an angry dog.

Vampires and bats screech like doorbells,

In the dream covered with misery and fog.


The animals mutter in the midst of the sunset,

And the waves wave goodbye.

The golden sands turn into an aeroplane,

I wake up and say, 'Bye dreamlands, it's time to fly!'

by Himanshu Upreti (9)
King's Rochester Preparatory School - Kent

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.