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The Monster On Mars

Thinking about space

While lying in my bed,

I gently drift off to sleep

With a journey in my head.


Zooming through the sky,

Towards the sparkling stars,

Passing satellites,

Off we go to Mars.


Time to land my shiny rocket

Slowly down I go,

Gently does it

Hold on, wait a mo!


There through the window,

I can clearly see

A frightening monster

Looking a me...


Ready to jump to the ground

Do I need my laser gun?

Will the monster hurt me

Or will we have some fun?


Then I walk towards him,

I can see a smile

Happy thoughts in my head,

Let's play for a while.


Off I go exploring,

With my new-found friend

I hope we don't get lost

And our journey never ends


Then I see a shining light

Time to end my stay,

My dream is sadly over

It's a brand new day.

by Joshua Rowe (7)
Burnt Oak Junior School - Kent

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.