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The Wonderful World Of Wackiness

Once upon a dreamland

The blue raspberry lace grass was swaying in the

soft wind,

And the strawberries were sleeping peacefully,

The sun was smiling brightly at everyone in the wonderful world of wackiness,

Everyone there was happy.


In the wonderful world of wackiness

It was just me and my dog Robyn,

But Robyn didn't have any fur

She was made of gingerbread,

And whenever I was hungry I could nibble on Robyn,

And she would grow it back in one second.


Then I found a massive castle made of Galaxy, my favourite chocolate.

I was as happy as the sun, so I started to nibble on it and it grew back.

Then I realised I was in the wonderful world

of wackiness

And nibbling on Queen Rose's castle.


Then I wasn't in the wonderful world of

wackiness anymore

I was at home

'I'm home,' I whispered to myself.

by Ruby Turner (8)
Blackgates Primary School - West Yorkshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.