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One night I dropped off the moon

I was there with my friend and a spoon

To see if it was true or just a tease

That the moon was made of scrumptious cheese


Singing songs and holding hands

We danced along the shifting stands

I lost my footing and I stumbled

Feeling anxious my friend mumbled

'Hey there you, try not to fall

We are on the moon, you won't stop at all.'


Just then something held on to me

It stopped my fall, but I couldn't see

This thing that had stopped me slipping

Was fat and green, with sticky ooze dripping


The alien that saved my trip

Suddenly disappeared with a flip

Then I woke feeling sad

Cheeses, aliens, I must be mad.

by Alana Bishop (8)
Aycliffe Drive Primary School - Hertfordshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.