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Jasmine My Kitten (In Memory Of)

Our story began, you came to the Earth,
At first sight, loving you at birth.
To the moon and far away,
I love you lots, we love to play.
You purr and jump, hop and skip,
We're tired now, let's have a kip.
Bye-bye sun, hello moon,
Worry not, it'll come back soon.
Waking up, it's time to play,
Not all nice, you've gone away.
Seeing you lifeless, empty-hearted,
Death's taken you, I've been outsmarted.
Cries burst, sadness rises,
Send a curse, I hate the sky.
I thought that we would be together,
That our songs they'd last forever.
But there's no hatred in the sky,
And you there, way up high,
I'll find you sweetie, let it be, RIP.

by Courtney Stubbs (0)

Competition - Pet Poetry ASC

Copyright remains with the author.