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Night Terrors

Fire crackling, burning bright,

Zombies moaning through the night.

Get out of bed if you dare,

Is there a monster lurking over there?

In the cupboard, under the bed,

These thoughts keep creeping through your head.

You can't wake up, you can't get free,

For the wicked witch is planning you for her tea.

You shout out loud, 'Please go away!'

Yet ghouls shout back, 'No, you will stay!'

These ghastly thoughts just crawl on by,

It makes you sad and want to cry.

But then these feelings start to fade,

As sugar plum fairies begin their parade.

A warm smile creeps across your face,

As you snuggle down to dream of a happier place.

by Rosie Hockham (10)
Shottermill Junior School - Surrey

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

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