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Once Upon A Candyfloss Cloud

The sun glistening in my eyes

Smiling at me as I rise

Upon a cloud dreaming big

With a unicorn wearing a wig


My cloud's as fluffy as sheep fur

Everything is such a blur

But wait, is that candyfloss I see there?

Sweets dropping from the air


When I see your horn with your rainbow-swirled colours

I know I'm protected from hurtful danger

Let me float away on my cloud

To be honest I'm not that loud

My mind forgets the frights of the day

Unicorns listening as I say

All of this is just a dream

Just me and my unicorn team.

by Blythe Isabella Kelly (10)
St Begh's Catholic Junior School - Cumbria

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.