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The One With Big, Black Scales

One night I dreamt about a dragon

It was eating a tiny wagon

When I saw it I stopped, I stared

When it saw me it froze, it glared

The one with big, black scales


He is a menace with a fiery glare

His upturned snout will make anyone stare

He has scales as black as night

His stinky breath is enough to give flamingos flight

The one with big, black scales


To defeat him you would need:

To take absolutely no heed

To get the feathers of a prairie hen

The ink of a squid from a dinosaur's den

The one with big, black scales

I searched hard for these things

Also finding golden rings

Some of it made me feel queasy

Making it wasn't easy

To kill the one with big, black scales


But I had with me my trusted sword

The one I call Endeavour

I poured on my potion carefully, letting it soak in

I stabbed him in the heart and he fell into a bin

The one with big, black scales was no more!


The ghost came back to haunt me

To take my life away

He haunted me like a deadly ghoul

The soul of a dragon in a mist

The one with big, black scales was back!

by Martha Cannon (10)
Hexham Middle School - Northumberland

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.