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Poets Midnight Monsters

I had a dream when the stars were bright,

I knew I should be prepared for a scary night.

There is a monster living under my bed,

Its scarlet, inflamed claws fill me with dread.


At the corner of my eye I suddenly see,

A blue monster with purple polka dots looking at me.

I am by myself in the middle of the night,

I hope this monster doesn't give me

too much of a fright!


The monster springs out on his frog-like feet,

Oh no! He's gobbling down my

favourite Halloween treat!

I'm terror-struck, worried, but also quite cross,

This delinquent monster seems to think that

he's the boss.


To my surprise he looks at me with a cheesy grin

And offers me a treat from my Halloween tin.

by Cleo Perkins (10)
Ryecroft CE Middle School - Staffordshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.