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A Boy's Dream

I sailed far from here

With biscuits and beer

And a parrot as my friend

A trusty crew

Some rum and a brew

An adventure that never will end


Meteors whizz by

As I speed through the sky

With asteroids on my tail

Aliens from Mars

With guns full of stars

Shoot my rocket, but I will not fail


A long jungle trek

Quicksand up to my neck

As I grab out and pull on a vine

The monkeys will chatter

As they get even fatter

Eating supper, I hope it's not mine!


A medieval knight

Getting into a fight

With a dragon as fierce as my mum

A princess locked up

In a castle high up

Waiting for her rescuer to come


Monsters with claws

Behind all the doors

Long for a midnight feast

There is nowhere to run

Scream for help but there's none

They are big, brawny, blundering beasts


Cracking a code

Driving fast down the road

To my secret agent base

Bad guys chase behind

They are not very kind

This will be an exciting case


Pyramids rise

Like great towers in the skies

And supreme pharaohs charge out to fight

A sarcophagus of gold

Holds mummies of old

In tombs as dark as night


Speeding through the air

No one would to dare

To battle the almighty me

Invisible and strong

It will not be long

Before all the super villains flee


A rock star on stage

The newspaper front page

Boy, I look really cool

And then from the ground

Comes an unwanted sound

'Wake up, it's time for school!'

by Ben Harcourt (9)
Nottingham High Infant & Junior School - Nottingham

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.