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Lunar Rising

As I stepped into the world of dreams,

I awoke to a horde of fiends.

Howls echoed.

Mice squeaked.

Owls hooted.

Trees creaked.


The monster's screech came from far away,

Where the trees and leaves decay.

Eight binocular eyes glowed in the dark,

Whilst the assassin's feet tapped on the bark.


As I ran through the leaves,

Mother foxes grieved,

Puddles formed.

Leaves flew.

The werespider still hunted relentlessly through the black dew.

Intent on catching its prey.


I spun around and there it was,

Standing proud and tall.

Knife claws flashed through the air.

Then everything went white.

Was I dead?

by William Harrison (11)
Reculver CE Primary School - Kent

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.