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My Dream


Sometimes I feel a little confused

Standing on a mountain in my school shoes

Firing arrows at goblins and great big trolls

I'm after all only nine-years-old


A bad guy chases me looking for a ring

Elves and fairies stand around and sing

A Hobbit in a hole is looking at Precious

A wizard looks on feeling rather jealous


Harry eating chocolate frogs on a train

Talking about a man with no name

I'm flicking my wand to cast a spell

I have a feeling it will not end well


Sometimes I feel in a bit of a muddle

Wearing pyjamas while jumping in a puddle

When I open my eyes I feel so tired

Yet strangely I am still inspired.

by Toby Burridge (10)
Colchester High School - Essex

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.