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Candy Land

One night when I was fast asleep,

Two eyes at my window peeped.

Turning, I rubbed my eyes and stared

There was an alien stood out there!

With eyes like spirals of pink and yellow

Waving, he smiled and said, 'Hello.'


Next I knew I was outside

Where all my friends above cried

'Come join us, we're on a trip

Aboard the alien's flying ship!

We're off to visit a planet of candy.'

'Take me with you!' I yelled to Andy.


The planet was an amazing place,

Happiness lit up everyone's face.

Fountains of chocolate, white and brown

Which we drank with great abound

Andy ate the marshmallow trees

And I gobbled up everything I could see.


But at last it was time to go,

The jets on the spaceship splutter and blow

With pockets full of jellybeans

And heads full of wondrous scenes

To Earth, to bed, I fell fast asleep

Then suddenly the alarm clock bleeped!

by Bhavik Mawji (9)
Bolton School Junior Boys - Lancashire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.