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The Fox

One wild winter's night,

While I sat lonely on a chair with velvet silk,

Reading my many old and forgotten tales,

My eyes carefully closed, because I was definitely ready to be dozed,

Suddenly, I heard scratching,

As if something was painfully scratching,

Scratching at my windowpane,

'It is nothing,' I mumbled, 'I just have to stay sane.'

That's it, it's just the rain.


After I could bear the scratching no more,

I flung open the window,

Ready for the deepest sore,

'Nothing there,' I muttered,

Suddenly, in came a fox of gleaming, gold fur,

It stared at me with his eyes of guilt,

It brought me to my mind,

It shrieked at me like death,

I felt it was my last breath.

Then this flaming fox started walking around me,

'What is there to see?' I asked,

The guilt pounced through me,

The guilt controlled me, I could take no more, 'Tell me your name!' I demanded, 'Guilt!' shrieked the fox.

by Maya Macudzinska (10)
Ray Lodge Primary School - Essex

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.