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The Tastiest Dream Ever!

The liquorice floor beneath my feet,

Quite promptly starts my feast.

Mr Sausage by my side,

And Miss Chip as my guide.

A candy ceiling and jelly bean walls,

Streams of chocolate like Niagara Falls!

This is amazing, I must admit,

Now I guess I have to eat a bit!

(Please insert an eating noise here

Otherwise it will feel weird I fear!)

It tasted lovely, yes really good, but now I'm done

And do I have any food? No! None!

Goodbye Mr S, Miss C

Time to spend some time in my belly!

A little bite here and there,

But fair is fair!

But then along the path to morning I was led

And I woke up, back in bed.

by Katherine MacColl (9)
St Mark's CE Primary School - Hampshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.