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´╗┐Aurora Borealis

It swirls it twirls through the night,

Reaching up to the mountain's height,

The moon it stares down below,

The clouds wafting wind, to and fro.


The snow is diamonds lying deathly still.

Lying underneath the sky's light frill,

The motionless night with silvery stars,

The night flooded indigo flying past Mars.


Emerald-greens, luminous pink,

Over so fast you cannot think,

The particles crash into the sky,

The atmosphere is lively it will never die.


The sky is like a colossal pearl,

The creatures watch as the sky swirls,

Whoosh, swish the wind wails,

The river in the sky where nobody sails.


Yes it's the Aurora Borealis,

The sky a perfect palace,

It stretches across the sky like a giant beam,

Once upon my dream.

by Jade Serjent (10)
Godshill Primary School - Ventnor

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.