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Sweet Dreams

My story begins

When my head hit the pillow

I suddenly woke

In a giant marshmallow


Out I jumped

Onto my feet

To stand on a floor

Sour and sweet


I sneaked out the room

And into a hall

Where princess paintings

Covered the wall


I looked very closely

And what did I see?

The princess staring back,

Was actually me.


'Princess Taylor'

Said a voice very loud,

'You're needed outside

To speak to the crowd.'


'Oh my,' I answered

'But what shall I say?'

'Today your Highness

Is Crown Tasting Day.'


Pear drops and Skittles

Covered the crown

As everyone watched

From Jelly Tot Town.


Sugary gems

And sugary lace

It tasted so good

Whilst stuffing my face


Everyone watched

As I munched on their sweets

When I suddenly woke up;

Eating my sheets!

by Taylor Mabbett (8)
Hadrian Park Primary School - Wallsend

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.