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What Do You Dream About?

As I lay my head down the sandman comes

With his luminous golden glow,

He sprinkles magic dust upon my head,

As my imagination begins to grow.


What will I dream about this very night?

Gladiators fighting or monsters causing mayhem,

Fairies in an enchanted wood

Whatever it is - I hope it's good.


For if it's not my darkest fears may spread

Swallowing happy thoughts like a python does its prey.

Tossing and turning I fight against the blackness

Through the agonising wait for the day.


Fighting the fear the happiness returns

Making me calm inside

I'm back at the beach with the rolling waves

I'm free, no longer confined.


I can be a jockey, a singer, a poet

An astronaut flying to the stars.

There are no limits, it's just a dream,

The sun is up at last.

by Amelia Brashaw (10)
Parsons Down Junior School - Berkshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.