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My Christmas Dream

It's a cold winter's evening,

There is no one to be seen,

The floor is covered with thick snow,

And the trees are evergreen.


By the hot and cosy fire,

Lie two sleepy little cats,

It's the winter season,

Time for coats and hats.


I hope you're at home reading,

Send me a letter

Remember the more you put,

The better and better.


I love to see the decorations being put up,

Especially the Christmas tree,

While I sort your presents,

As busy as a bee.


On Christmas Eve it's very exciting,

Everyone goes to Mass,

Then the children go to bed,

Hoping my master will pass.


I am Santa's little helper,

And I grant your dreams,

I love it when children smile,

And yours is the best I've seen.

by James Daniel Chapman (11)
Our Lady Of Fatima Catholic Primary School - Birmingham

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.