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Once Upon A Dream In The Land Of All Things Sweet!

Aniseed balls like bullets to a gun,

Bubblegum blown like roundness of sun,

Cola bottles, texture like sandy grain,

Dime bars so hard it leaves you in pain,

Egg foams as soft as a pillow at night,

Fizzy sweets so sour they will give you a fright,

Gobstoppers crunch like a stone to a wall,

Haribos Tang makes my mouth waterfall,

Ice cream coldness hits my lips like ice,

Jelly babies' faces, they look so nice,

KitKat fingers all chocolatey brown,

Liquorice Allsorts make my jaw drop down,

Mars bars all sticky and sweet to eat,

Nougat so chewy it has to be beat,

Oreo biscuits that taste so divine,

Peppermint candies that are simply mine,

Queasy I feel, it's a real sugar rush,

Rolos, 'I want more,' they are so lush,

Sugary spiders that I just love to suck,

Toffee so hard, please wish me luck,

Usually you will understand the dilemma I pose,

Vimto so fizzy it goes up my nose,

Wham bars so long, so hard to dispose,

eXtra E numbers, I really must doze,

Yummy, scrummy, I have no doubt,

Zzzz! Sorry, I'm all sugared out!

by Willow Wiseman (10)
Spooner Row Primary School - Norfolk

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.