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What Happens At Night

I woke up

I got a fright

I ran out into the pitch-black night


What was that face? I saw it there

It was appearing in front of me everywhere

The lights were flashing in my face

Drums were clashing all over the place


My heart was pumping, my head was spinning

I was falling, falling down a drain

'Anyone, are you there?'

There were cobwebs and spiders in my hair

I heard a voice and a dripping on my head

Oh no! Was someone dead?


I looked up with a hesitant glance

But the sight I saw calmed my heart

A milky-white unicorn sitting in a tree

Eating his favourite treats, strawberry jam and tea

Help me unicorn, so great and kind

Please can you help me find

My way out of this dreadful drain'

'Of course,' he said, 'you can trust me

I'll get you out with a whizz bang whee!'


I jumped onto his silky back

He smelt of cupcakes and sprinkles so pink

I felt happy and carefree

And soon I was out of the drain so black

I laughed with joy and patted the unicorn on his back

He flew me to Cloudland

His favourite spot

But I was tired

I couldn't see a lot


He lay me down on a marshmallow nest

Because I felt like I needed a rest

My last sight was a few pixies with their wings askew

I was munching on my pillow so white

As I fell into a bright, bright light

I woke up in my own bed at home

My pillow was gone, I uttered a moan

I had eaten my pillow!

by Sasha Reed (10)
Cundall Manor School - York

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.