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Sweet Dreams

Once upon a dream,

I woke up in squirty cream,

Chocolate chips on top,

With strawberry sauce a lot.


Rainbow fizz all around,

Snowball chocolates on the ground,

Chocolate rivers were flowing,

Candy cane trees growing.


Chocolate buttons, mmm so nice,

No mash, carrots and especially no rice,

Where am I? It seems so far.

Like I'm floating on a Milky Way star,


Massive marshmallows in the sky,

Chocolate birds flying so high,

Saw a great big candy man sitting on the floor,

He asked me if I wanted a tour.


As I said yes and got up to go,

Everything started to go real slow,

One by one it vanished away,

No more sweets for me today.


Then I woke up, from my dream,

Disappointed there was no cream,

I guess I'll have to wait for treats,

At least for now I'll have good teeth.

by Heaven Carter (10)
Irchester Community Primary School - Northamptonshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.