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The Great Spider

The gruesome spider feasts on those asleep,

It clambers up my arm and makes me weep.

It absorbs my blood,

It pricks me in my dreams,

It captures those who are weak,

The death of this sinister spider is all I seek.


The horrific spider clings onto your neck,

And you feel a cold, venomous breath.

Its teeth are like piercing daggers,

That penetrate through my skin.

It hurriedly scurries across my bed,

And quickly pounces onto my head.


Its eyes glow a dark crimson and verdant green,

It sways side to side forming a colossal web.

Its bloodshot and inky-black body haunting me,

Its body dangling from a single line of silver silk.

Its venom as deadly as a scorpion,

Its arachnid family is just as ruthless...

by Habibah Akhtar (11)
Hucklow Primary School - Sheffield

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.