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The Nightmare

As the sun turned to the moon

The world was in total darkness

I closed my eyes and entered a dream

I'm inside a forest, all alone

Trapped like a bird in a cage

But it was just a dream.


Anxiety was all over me

The trees maliciously stared at me

Their gnarled branches were tiger claws, ready to pounce

A shiver went down my spine

But it was just a dream.


A faint buzzing noise shattered the silence,

I'm not alone!

Glowing dragonflies were buzzing gracefully

They're like ballerinas, always in sync

Suddenly they stopped

A cloak of total darkness covered me

A sharp claw touched my shoulder

As I turned around, a hairy face pounced on me

And I said to myself, 'This is my demise!'

But thank goodness it was just a dream.


Dusk turns to dawn,

My eyelids flutter open

Heart pumping, sweat pouring

It seemed real

But I know it was just a dream.

by Drew Benedict Chan (10)
St Thomas More RC Primary School - Kent

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.