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Never Quit

The competition lasts for moments,

Though the training has taken years,

It wasn't all about winning,

But worth the hard work and tears.


The applause will be forgotten,

But the prize will be placed,

The long hard years of practice have certainly not been a waste!


Whilst competing try to achieve your best,

To push your body to the limit for the test,

Let's clap, cheer and congratulate,

Remembering to give great support to your fellow teammates!


Life is queer with twists and turns,

As everyone of us always learns.

Success is failure turned inside out,

You can never tell if it's a win, which is a doubt!


Stick and achieve when you're feeling down,

Even when you fall, never give a quitting frown.


However you never grow by how much you win,

It's all down to how much you're prepared to put in.

So any hard challenge you have stepped into,

Impress the audience and tumble through.


The sparkles fluttering in the cloudy, chalky air.

Conquer the beam and fly out there.

Remember make the audience clap and cheer, hooray,

To make it a win for your team today!

by Morwenna Holbrook (10)
St Michael's CE Primary School - Cornwall

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.