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The Indian Flame

The Diwali celebration flames slowly scorched and fought

Against the darkness of the Indian night

The light was raging in a war which had to be won


It was as if the heat from the fires had joined alliances

With the sweltering, stuffy night

It felt like my arm was heating up and swelling like it was an oven


The glory and grace of the fire was pulling me in step by step

And I felt like I was a baby taking my first steps to my mother

The appearance of it was so grand

That I thought I needed to bow down and glorify it


The flames were like wolves - magnificent creatures from afar

But if you get too close pain is expected to come

They were yapping and growling to each other fiercely


It was surprising that most people, even though they saw it annually

Didn't stop to notice the stunning and staggering fire in a beautiful dance

Which were holding hands across the valley, constantly clicking their fingers.

by Oscar Hegarty (10)
Hayes School - Devon

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.