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I'm in a beautiful mansion,

With bright pink walls and floors,

Pictures of me with friends,

Upon all the walls and doors,

Some fancy spiral staircases,

And snow-white banisters,

I walk down in my shiny shoes,

To see my ma and my headmaster.

He says, 'She's very good at maths and to teach she's

a delight!'

He sees my chestnut-brown eyes glow so very bright.

One minute I'm so happy and I'm where I want to be,

The next second it turns out it was just a fantasy,

I wake to Mother sending me to the river,

Hoping that tonight I'll get a bowl of rice for dinner,

I lug my bottle on my back barefoot to fetch the water,

Like in every other village, like every other daughter.

by Sofia Butt (10)
Bramley School - Tadworth

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

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