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A Dream By Dali

A day at the gallery, enjoying Salvador Dali's masterpieces.

They danced at the fore of my mind, their image

never ceases,

Most prominent of all was a ship with butterfly sails,

A copy of which upon the bedroom wall was pinned with nails.

Mother rushed me to bed,

The pictures still filling my head.


As I lay under my bed with a sleepy sensation,

My senses gave way to imagination.

I fell into the chasm of sleep,

Then I heard a cry like a foghorn, loud and deep.

Out of nowhere came an elephant trunk and grabbed me in its grip,

It had long spindly spider legs just like the pictures from my trip.

The elephant started to sway and I almost slipped

and fell,

But then I heard a curious yell,

'Release the sails,

And shift your scurvy tails!'


As I looked up to the loud sound,

I saw numerous giant butterflies, to a pole bound.

The rainbow of colour reflecting on the water,

so fleeting,

This combined with the rhythmic beating,

My mind was entranced by the calming scene,

But subconsciously my body started to lean.

The ship was drawing me in,

And before I knew it I was sitting with the captain's kin.


Capricious winds tried to hinder the flight,

But the ship flew on like an impenetrable kite.

I heard a shout,

'Ready, about!'

And there in front of me was an island of

distorted clocks,

Reticent ants clambered on an hour hand box.

I leaned over to get a better view,

But I leaned too far over the pew.

I plunged down deep toward the water as I heard the captain singing,

Suddenly, I awoke in my room with my alarm

clock ringing!

by Shaan Grewal (10)
The Beacon School - Buckinghamshire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.