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Lost In A Mysterious Land

I was swept into a mysterious land

Brambles gripped me by the hand

Menacing clouds punctured the sky

And a curtain of cascading water hurtled by


Vines twisted and blocked my path,

I feared each breath would be my last

A remorseless light shone on my face

Gradually I slowed my pace


An unkindness of ravens circled around

Filling the sky with an ear-splitting sound.

My throat was dry, my lungs were blocked

I ventured forth, feeling mocked


I trudged on through the pungent terrain

This alien world was a constant strain.

I yearned to find a way to restore

To what was known, what had been before


The day bled swiftly into night

And the sky was filled with a new glowing light

I tried in vain to summon the dawn

But was as helpless as a newborn fawn


Finally the night fell dead

The pale sun wearily raised its sleepy head

Still I was locked in this baffling place

Tears streaked my disconsolate face.

by Lucian Walker (7)
Westminster Under School - London

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.