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Cute Candy World

It is that terrific time again

When I drift off to sleep - my friend

And enter the magnificent magic portal

To my dreams where I am immortal


As I fly high in the beautiful, blue sky

I see a brilliant, big blueberry pie

Next to the pie was some Jelly Tots

Dancing around gargantuan Nutella pots


Strawberry laces danced in the wind

The colourful Haribos began to sing

As I make a perfect land

All the sweets stop and stand


All of a sudden they begin to play

I really, really wish I could stay!

I took a bite of a blueberry pie

It tasted like Heaven up high in the vast, blue sky


It was time to go

Oh no!

The magnificent portal lay ahead

It was time for me to get back in my comfy bed.

by Amber Ball (11)
St Thomas CE Primary School - Lancashire

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.