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The Stag And I

I am walking slowly,

I hear each beat of my heart.

The trees gently sway in unison

But I hear nothing else.


I creep through the trees,

Twigs snap under my feet.

The birds do not chirp nor do they speak.

The breeze slowly brushes my face

As the pine needles fall to the ground.


Then I turn around

Only to see beauty

Standing in front of me.

A majestic stag, breathing,

I stand motionless, watching, looking

As he stands watching me.


I think to myself,

Is this where I want to be?

In a world so quiet but beautiful,

Alone, so alone, the stag and I.

by Ruaridh Woodland-Broome (10)
Merchiston Castle School - Edinburgh

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.