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Once Upon A Dream

Soft, dusty illusions of light sit heavy on my lashes,
As frost kisses my frozen face, my breath pales against the numbing air.
Snow hugs the landscape, swirling like confetti and falling like ice-white dust,
In this hauntingly beautiful, white wilderness.

Nations unite in my perfect, unspoiled laboratory,
As we toil to carefully unlock the clues to planet preservation, life and outer space.
World peace, a beacon of hope, is reflected in the shimmering sun,
In this spectacularly serene Kingdom of Ice.

Icebergs rise like glittering diamonds from pristine, azure oceans,
Their crystalline surfaces scattering golden sunlight rays across this crisp, white Antarctic world.
Beneath their silent, heavenly shape, I see the reflection of my future self, an Antarctic researcher,
In this miraculous mirage of life's wonder.

This miracle of life moves me to achieve world unity, collaboration and co-operation,

To preserve our precious planet, unique wildlife and natural resources for future generations,
To peacefully unite across the globe, extend scientific knowledge and achieve conservation,
On this breathtakingly extraordinary planet, Earth.

by Catherine James (10)
Independent Entry - Surrey

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

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