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The Evil Tortoise

One night when I was in my bed

I had a scary dream in my head

I felt there was something lurking in my room

In the corner, in the gloom

Something was sitting on my bookcase

It was an evil tortoise with a wicked face

Its eyes were red, its shell was black

I felt tingles down my back

Suddenly it let out a chilling laugh

I called for my mum but she was in the bath

I thought I was on my own, but no

My teddies started to glow

The glow turned into an eye-blinding light

I had to close my eyes, it was so bright

When I opened my eyes the light had vanished

And the evil tortoise had been banished

My teddies had taken away my fright

So I gave them a loving hug goodnight.

by William Davies (8)
Rattlesden CE Primary Academy - Suffolk

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.