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The Magical Tree

You silly old dog,

Stop weeing on my trunk!

Go and do your business somewhere else,

Like on a big, green, grassy hump.


This tree in my dream,

He was a grumpy old thing

But had mystical people living within.


Kind fairies on dragonflies

With translucent wings,

When the wind blew gently

I would hear them sing.


Up right in the branches

Wee elves guarded the tree,

Riding miniature dragons

Just the size of a bee!


But down on the ground

Under the branches

Sat some silly boys,

Taking their chances


With a box of matches,

One by one

They struck them

’Til the flames danced in the branches.


The tree screamed to the sky,

The elves took to their dragons,

Running faster than light the boys were not lagging,

The dragons blew water and put out the flames,

So the mystical tree was no longer in pain.


The boys landed in a ditch,

With an almighty bump,

Along came the dog

And found this bug hump,

He did his business and wandered away,

Oh my! What a strange day!

by Isla Duncan (9)
Stow Primary School - Galashiels

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.