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The Monster In The Night!

I'm not quite sure what this monster can do

But I'm definitely sure it's not nice to you.

Something's not right, I don't feel the same,

This time the monster is not just a game.


Lurking round every corner,

Hearing screams and getting warmer.

Seeing his white skeleton face,

My heart then turns ten times the pace.


I open the door and run afar,

Mum, I don't know where you are.

The monster appears, we're face-to-face,

Me and the monster begin to race.


The air is dancing, the air is thick,

The monster must have some kind of trick.

I leap through the window, jump back in bed,

Crying and moaning I'll sadly be dead.


Hang on, I'm awake but my dream's still in my eyes,

Now there is a shocking surprise.

I know I'm awake, I definitely know,

I must have sleep paralysis, how will it go?


I look out of the window to see if it's there,

It must have gone back to its cave-like lair.

But really I know that it's all a nightmare,

Mum, are you there?

by Jemima Cowell (9)
Great Easton Primary School - Essex

Competition - Once Upon A Dream

Copyright remains with the author.