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Charlotte's Magical Story

When they were looking around, they saw a unicorn. The unicorn bent down and Ellie and Spencer climbed on its back. Then it started to fly. They flew off, high into the sky.

When they got off, they were looking around, then a fierce dragon jumped out of a tree! 'I am scared!' said Pie, Ellie's teddy. He hid behind Ellie's leg. The dragon breathed fire at the three of them.

They ran away. The dragon was trying to breathe fire, then he ran towards them. 'Run faster!' said Spencer, so they ran faster. The dragon followed them. Then they stopped.

Then their unicorn friend popped out. 'The unicorn is fast,' said Ellie. The dragon was out of breath so he had a rest. 'Hurry!' said Ellie.

When the unicorn stopped, the three of them saw a gingerbread house. They were eating some gingerbread, then a witch popped out of a window but they ran away.

They went back to Ellie's house. 'Goodbye!' said Spencer. He flew back home.

by Charlotte Clover (5)
Lakeside Primary School - Gloucestershire

Competition - My First Story 2016

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