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Thomas' Space Story

Ellie and Spencer the elf were on an adventure, they were flying in the night sky above Planet Earth and through space. Ellie could see so many stars twinkling brightly and she tried to catch some as they flew past. Ellie held onto Spencer's hand tightly as they whizzed this way and that way.

Soon they arrived on the moon! As they landed Ellie and Spencer caught two stars, they tingled in their hands and they both made a wish. It was very magical.

They had not been on the moon for long when they heard a loud noise and then a beaming light shone brightly. Ellie had to close her eyes and as she did she felt her feet lift off the ground. Ellie was frightened and could not see Spencer but she cuddled her teddy.

When she opened her eyes she saw a purple alien smiling at her. It had two antennae on its head and was making a squeaking noise. Ellie knew it was friendly. Then she saw Spencer sat next to the alien. They were in a spaceship! The spaceship was very fast.

The alien flew it all over space, they whizzed everywhere. Ellie was very excited to see lots of planets. It was very hot when they were close to the rings of fire round Saturn so they could not stay.

As they were landing on Jupiter a large orange and black alien was there. It had sharp teeth, three wobbly eyes, lots of wiggly legs and a very long tongue that sucked onto the spaceship. It was angry and was pulling them down, it wanted to eat them. They were all scared and tried to fly the spaceship away, but its tongue was very strong. Ellie and Spencer jumped up and down which made the spaceship rock. It soon came unstuck from the tongue and they were so happy they all danced.

Ellie yawned so Spencer said, 'Let's take you home.' The purple alien flew them back to Earth and to Ellie's garden. Ellie was sad their adventure was over but her wish on the stars had come true because she'd had an awesome time and had met a new friend, the purple alien.

by Thomas Scutt (6)
Coombe Bissett CE Primary School - Wiltshire

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.