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Aayan's Jungle Story

They arrived at the wild, mysterious jungle and Ellie was feeling overjoyed. Then Ellie suddenly saw some long, green vines to swing on for some fun! This is amazingly exciting, thought Ellie.

After they had some fun on the leafy, dark vines, they went hopping across rough, hard rocks and suddenly they bumped into a scaly, slithery snake. Spencer froze in horror! But the snake just smiled at them.

As the snake's pointy, hissing tongue slithered out, he blinked his big, googly eyes at them. Spencer unfroze. In panic, he grabbed Ellie's hand and scarpered away from the snake as fast as their legs would carry them.

Suddenly, they heard a desperate howl of pain and it made them halt in their tracks. When they looked ahead, they saw a lion hiding in the bushes with a pained expression and a thorn in its paw!

Oh no! Poor lion! Ellie and Spencer felt sorry for the lion. Ellie edged towards the distressed lion, wanting to help. The lion put his paw forward, with caution. Then Ellie reached out and carefully pinched out the sharp, dangerous thorn. Relief! The lion wanted to repay them. Ellie and Spencer asked if he could take them home. 'Hop on my back!' exclaimed the lion. So they did.

When they reached the edge of the jungle, Ellie saw the same green vines from the start of her adventure. Oh what fun they were to swing on, Ellie remembered. So they jumped off the lion's back.

'Thank you Mr Lion,' said Ellie. Spencer and Ellie then grabbed a vine each and immediately started swinging towards home. Whoo! Such fun!

Soon they reached Ellie's window. Spencer felt sad to say goodbye. 'We can always have another adventure next time. Goodnight Spencer.' consoled Ellie.

by Mohammed Aayan Chowdhury (7)
Vicarage Primary School - London

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.