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Bella's Pirate Story

Ellie and Spencer landed in a small rowing boat. The sun was blazing and they could see an island in the distance.

They arrived on the island and were very surprised to discover a treasure chest full of golden coins.

Just as a ship arrived on the shore, a pirate appeared on the burning sand.

The pirate took Ellie and Spencer the elf onto the ship. Then the pirate made them walk the plank.

Luckily, two dolphins were passing through and gave Ellie and Spencer a ride.

The dolphins whizzed through the waves. At night, Ellie and Spencer finally found themselves back at their cosy home. What an adventure they'd had.

by Bella Weaver (7)
Mepal And Witcham CE (VC) Primary School - Cambridgeshire

Competition - My First Story 2016

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