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William's Jungle Story

Ellie was amazed, where were they? 'Oh Spencer, this is the most beautiful place I've ever been to,' said Ellie. 'This is wonderful.'

'Isn't it?' said Spencer. 'I've been here many times so I thought you might like it,' said Spencer.

All of a sudden, they heard a hiss that made them both jump. 'Great,' said Spencer, 'Hiss has found us.'

'Who's Hiss?' asked Ellie.

'Hiss is a python who feasts on humans and monkeys.'

'Hellooo,' said Hiss, 'and where may you be going?'

'Oh,' said Spencer, 'just… '

'Password,' said Hiss.'

'Idominous,' said Spencer, beginning to get sick of him. 'Ellie, it's time we - Ellie!' Spencer found Hiss throttling Ellie.

Quick as a flash, Spencer rushed to get a stone. He found some at the riverbank. He took 10 stones. He was trying to knock Hiss out.

One at a time stones came hailing onto Hiss' head. All of them missed except the last four, all of them right on target.

When Hiss was finally knocked out (or should I say dead because he'd swallowed three out of four stones) with all his strength, Spencer unwrapped Ellie from the coils. 'Phew!' gasped Ellie, panting for air. 'I thought Hiss had got me then and was going to eat me.'

One hour later, they found a key. 'What could this be?' asked Spencer, picking it up.

'It's a key,' said Ellie. All of a sudden, the key began to glow…

'Wow,' they said together. Then they found that the ground was opening. 'Woah,' they said as they fell.

They landed on the soft back of a lion. 'Shall I take you home?' he asked.

'After some tea,' said Ellie. 'I'm starving.'

'OK,' said the lion.

After tea and letting it settle they were soon galloping towards home.

When they got home they said bye to the lion. Ellie settled down in her bed and Spencer flew off.

by William Pike (6)
Lingey House Primary School - Gateshead

Competition - My First Story 2016

Copyright remains with the author.